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When Weed Becomes A Problem

when weed becomes a problem

Looking out on the American landscape today you will see many states have legalized or decriminalized the use of weed. First it was only medical marijuana, but recently states have legalized recreational use of weed for adults. The push to legalize marijuana has been around for a long time. The National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws, NORML, was founded in the 1970 and continues to advocate for the legal use of weed today. NORML and other supporters of legal marijuana use studies to back their […]

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Drug Abuse is Killing Your Loved Ones

Drug abuse has been an extremely distressing and difficult issue plaguing society today. Thousands of people with varying ages, sexes and nationalities have come under the spell of these dangerous substances, using anywhere from marijuana, magic mushrooms, heroin and cocaine down to controlled substances like prescription medications and designer drugs such as Ecstasy. For a price, it seems that anyone can get high on their drug of choice. The secret drug abuse that celebrities, athletes, politicians and other famous people have taken pains to hide has been […]

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Cannabis And The Void

Often when people give up smoking cannabis, a massive hole (or void) is made within themselves. They are left with a feeling of depression and emptiness. It’s like something is missing. Something you love has now disappeared and you feel sadness because you want that feeling back. Truth is you don’t actually want marijuana back, but you do want the FEELING that marijuana gave you back. I hear it often that many users are saying they find it difficult to cope with this change their body is […]

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